PCS Property Services Ltd.

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PCS Contract Benefits

  • Pay just for services you need
  • No additional overhead costs
  • No lost time (we always have coverage)
  • No staffing agency costs, No Human Resource time, No staffing advertisement costs and No severance package costs
  • PCS has quality experienced workers, we cross train our work force and internally development programs to assist clients with their businesses
  • Short and Long Term contract options available

Services we provide

  • Facility Management – preventative maintenance checks, building envelope & roof inspections, fire & safety equipment checks, hazard assessments
  • Building Maintenance – general repairs & maintenance, maintenance employee coverage, professional window washing, hazard repair
  • Landscaping Services – grassing cutting, fertilization, weed control, flower bed
  • Lawn Care & Maintenance –  power-raking, cutting, fertilization, weed control…
  • Snow Removal Services – clearing, de-icing, sanding and snow hauling service
  • Parking Lot Maintenance – line painting, parking lot sweeping, traffic signs, pothole repair, crack sealing
  • Field and Land Services – vacant lots & land – weed control/grass cutting
  • Excavation Services – skidsteers (track and wheel),  wheel loaders, excavators and more
  • Dirt Hauling & Trucking Services
  • Back-filling, Loaming and Grading Services

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